About Clearance

This includes acrylic, impasto and oils. I am clearing out space for my new paintings. At first I thought that I could manage but it's better to go ahead with the clearance section. Please bear in mind that ''clearance'' does not mean low quality. These are my original paintings completed on heavyweight canvas panels, stretched canvases and gallery wrapped canvases using acrylics, acrylics with matte-gels or oils with both brushes and palette knives. I worked hard on these and put a great deal of thought into each but really need more space and plus alot of these paintings remind me of things that I just don't want to think about. So it's best that they're sent out to people who can better appreciate them and adorn their walls with them. All paintings arrive with signed certificates of authenticity along with care advice (instructions for ensuring that your painting remains in great condition and display tips). These paintings are all just as vivid as when I first painted them and have been stored safely. Please read listing pertaining to each painting carefully so that you understand the specs related to each painting (specs include dimensions, medium, whether or not a painting is framed and more.) There is nothing at all wrong with any of these paintings, however, it has gotten to the point where they're taking up a bit more space than I had anticipated. I am aware that I could be charging more for my art however, I would feel better sending it out to people who can appreciate and or connect with it than to have all of these paintings stored away from eyes. I'm a rural artist and as a rural artist it's sometimes difficult to find eyes for my paintings.