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'Eternal' (FRAMED)

  • 'Eternal' (FRAMED)
  • 'Eternal' (FRAMED)

'Eternal' is an original acrylic framed painting by Cierra G. Rowe

Acrylic over heavy-weight triple primed canvas panel
This is an original painting. No prints or reproductions.
8 in (H) x 10 in (W) without frame
approx. 11 in (H) x 9 in (W) with frame
Frame: Wall mount or tabletop display, rectangular, black high-quality light weight solid wood, transparent, high quality plexiglass, scratch-resistant, 360° metal tabs.
Completion: 2023

Where do I even begin with this painting and what went into it...?
Steven over at Love Earth Music contacted me a short while ago in late April and wanted to commission me to create artwork for a new +DOG+ release. No guidelines, no vision, just something unique painted by me for a special sound project. At the time he contacted me, I was struggling with April and dreading May, because I know what happened last year in those months and it all just kind of hit me again. This is all new to me. Difficult things don't come with manuals for how to navigate them, even if you planned in advance how you'd deal with it. All of that ''planning'' goes out the window when it actually happens. As Mike Tyson eloquently put it: ''Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.'' Yeah. It's true. Anyways, Steven saw something within my paintings and was confident that whatever I came up with would be great. Whenever people have confidence in me like that, it makes me nervous lol.

In terms of art, I'm a sensitive sort and wanted a bit of background on what the sound project was about or the inspiration behind it. I value significance: If it's important, it should be captured. After many conversations, I was very much into the idea of completing artwork for this project. Over the course of a few weeks I put together something which I thought adequately encapsulated the words ''To Share Forever With You''. It's a lovely title and beautiful when you consider the gravity of those words. The backstory behind the title only adds to that beauty. This painting is about two beings holding onto each other and to what they have together and the idea that love lives on forever. It's about cherishing those people who've passed on but who aren't gone. My interest in the human form, psychology and energy are a few of the things that I put into this, and some of my new paintings that I haven't finished yet. 'Eternal'.

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