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'Serenity' (Framed)

  • 'Serenity' (Framed)

'Serenity' is an original acrylic framed painting by Cierra G. Rowe

Acrylic over heavy-weight triple primed canvas panel
This is an original painting. No prints or reproductions.
8 in (H) x 10 in (W) without frame
approx. 11 in (H) x 9 in (W) with frame
Frame: Wall mount or tabletop display, rectangular, black woodgrain, scratch-resistant, 360° metal tabs.
Completion: 2023

It is cathartic to handle commissions that, on some level, affect you or that you have an emotional connection with. This painting revolved around peace. ''Peace Inside''. The meaning of those words is what led to me painting this. I wanted to paint something special, something that exuded what I felt was a balanced idea of peace within oneself. You don't know how crucial inner peace is until you no longer have it. That too, is something that I built this painting on; the idea that you can get it back, that if you lose peace you can certainly find it again and perhaps cherish it that much more.

This painting is about more than peace. It's about being human. It's about the vulnerability that is wrapped around being human ; those complex feelings, abstract thoughts and emotions that all invariably push everyone to be the way that they are over time. It's about survival, overcoming the things that emotionally hold you back. Embracing the good while allowing the bad things to shed away. And though it's never that easy or simple; it is also about being stronger. 'Serenity' is a painting of a human being opening up and allowing peace to penetrate them on the deepest of levels, as they stand in an ocean of water; free of the weight of darkness - bathed instead, in light rising over the calm, In tune with itself, under a starry sky.

It felt good to finish this commission. What started out as a sketch and a few layers of paint became something more. Special thank you to Steven over at Loveearthmusic for seeing something in my paintings and enjoying them enough to reach out again for a different project. I work really hard on my paintings and put a great deal of heart, thought and consideration into them.